Artificial snow effects provide certainly a special and unique touch to your events or celebrations. CONFETTISHOTS manufactures different machines and products to solve any scenario or event. From a decorate for TV or theater, window displays, a catwalk or presentation to a continuous effect of snow on outdoors. We offer solutions with artificial paper snow and snow fluid simulating an actual snowfall. We manufacture and supply internationally both snow fluids and snow paper in various sizes and finishings. Here you will find our products related with SNOW effect and rain (NEW EFFECT).

Snow machine BLIZZARD

Silent machine

Confetti launcher MiniFlow Snow machine MINIFLOW

Continuous blowing machine suitable for confetti, paper snow.

SIROCCO Snow cannon SIROCCO Snow machine

snow machine

Snow machine SUPERFLOW

Produces a nice snow fall with either snow paper or snow fluid.

Artificial snow paper. Size 1

Flame proof Snow paper

Artificial snow paper. Size 3

For large decorations

Paper snow 6 mm.

Flame proof Snow paper

Paper snow 17 mm.

Flame proof Snow paper

Artificial Rain

Square confetti 6mm in SILVER metallic finish.

Ash Paper

Ash paper

Liquid concentrate snow of 0.5 L

Liquid concentrate snow of 0.5 l.

Snow liquid 5 l.

Snow liquid 5 l. ready to use

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