TYPHOON confetti Gun and multipurpose gun


Description TYPHOON confetti Gun and multipurpose gun

Our new Thyphoon Gun is able to shoot confetti, streamers and T-shirts. The key point of this new gun is that it works with compressed air (not CO2), and thus each shot costs you nothing. So you can connect the gun to any air compressor (reaching 6-8 BAR) and fill up the tank of the Gun, and then run free to make 1 shot. If you want to be more autonomous, you can keep connected with a thin air tube to your compressor, and make many shots, by only refilling the pipes with the confetti or T-shirts, or even better, by replacing the pipes which are equipped with a fast coupling system for an ultra quick replacement. We can also supply you with a BACK PACK air compressor with battery, which allows you to walk around the stage or stadium without need to be connected to an air compressor . This becomes very useful on stadium events where you want to shot items to the audience at different points. In case you need to vary the distance of the shot, you can do it by regulating the pressure of the air compressor, or also by pressing faster or slower the trigger of the gun. With this new TYPHOON gun, you’ll be able to launch up to 3 T-shirts at more than 25 mts, round confetti at 18-20 mts or streamers at 15,25 or 30 mts depending if you’re using streamers of 5, 10 or 15 mts

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