They have the same features as handheld confetti cannons but with the advantage that are fired by a small electrical signal. This allows you to link several launchers tubes and be fired at the same time, thus multiplying the effect and surprising to the public. Electric confetti cannons are ideal for small stages, TV, theatre, concerts or indoor and outdoor shows. Our E-SHOT confetti machine is the ideal launcher to shoot electric cannons and ensure your event in a professional manner.

80 cm Electric Cannon with confetti SHAPES IN PAPER.

confetti cannons with shape at choice

80 cm. Electric Cannon MULTICOLOR EFFECT

Covers the entire area from 5 up to 25 meters

electric canon rectangular metallic 80 cm. Electric Cannon RECTANGULAR confetti METALLIC

Fires the confetti at more than 10 mts

streamer metallic 80 cm. Electric Cannon 10m STREAMERS METALLIC

Electric canon whit streamers

80 cm. Electric Cannon CUSTOMIZED

For flags, team colors, corporate...

40 cm Electric Cannon CUSTOMIZED with PAPER Confetti

Customised confetti cannons with PAPER refill at choice

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