Looking for a shot of confetti or streamers? Or for a continuous rainfall of confetti or snowfall? We offer you the widest range of equipment to shot or blow confetti, streamers or other small gadgets. High professional machines fully manufactured in our plant in Barcelona. We provide technical service and assistance to ensure your event. We also develop customised projects to shot or blow any other small gadget or merchandising product.

The high PRO cannon shooter E-SHOT PRO

Equipped with Neutrik Powercon conectors

Confetti shooter E-SHOT 220V.

The easiest way to shot confetti and streamers in a professional way.

Confetti machine MINIONE

Confetti machine to shot confetti, streamers, T-shirts or small gadgets

confetti 4 tubes Confetti machine 4CLUB

DMX controlled with 4 independent channels

TORNADO Confetti machine

Powerful shot

Confetti Gun also for T-shirts TYPHOON confetti Gun and multipurpose gun

Amazing confetti Gun also suitable for streamers and T-shirts

MiniFlow. Confetti blower machine

Continuous blowing machine suitable for confetti, paper snow.

Continuous blowing machine Superflow SuperFlow

Continuous blowing machine. Suitable for confetti, snow or Blaster

Potente mAquina de confeti Confetti machine HURRICANE

Great gusts of any confetti, up to 30 m


Amazing confetti Gun and CO2 bazooka effect on same machine!

Sirocco venturi SIROCCO - Confetti head

Blow any kind of confetti at 15 mts !!


Specially indicated for big venues or huge confetti reinfall

Sirocco with Volcano head SIROCCO - Vulcano confetti FX

Electric confetti blower with wonderful volcano FX

Confetti machine CURTAIN

Constant rain of confetti

Confetti machine BLIZZARD Confetti machine BLIZZARD

100% Silent machine

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