We offer you the widest range of professional confetti paper and streamers available in many shapes, colors or finishings. You'll find everything concerned with confetti paper, streamers, snow paper, table confetti or traditional streamers for carnival. All our professional confetti is flameproof being the one made in tissue paper, biodegradable confetti.

Rectangular Confetti

Slowfall professional confetti

confetti fluo Rectangular Confetti FLUO

Glows brightly in the dark under Uv blacklight

confetti biodegradable Confetti BIO

Water soluble

Round Confetti 55 mm.

Tissue paper

ROUND confetti 42 mm.

Professional Confetti for Events and celebrations


butterfly shaped confetti

Red hearts confetti Confetti HEARTS

Confetti for wedding

Confetti STARS

star shaped confetti

ROSE PETALS confetti

rose petals shaped confetti

SQUARE confetti 17mm

square confetti

SQUARE confetti 6 mm

Square confetti 6 mm

TREE LEAVES confetti

Leaves of tissue paper

FLOWER confetti

flower confetti

Multicolor classic confetti

Small Confetti non flamerproof

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